Our Solutions

Enterprise Systems and StorageChances are, your data center isn’t getting any leaner, and how could it? Sure, lower costs and simpler systems sound great, but your business needs to grow – and with growth comes growing pains, right?

Not anymore. With new hyper-converged virtualized compute/storage technology, you can have your cake and keep that slim, youthful figure, too. Imagine having the flexibility to scale across any size of IT ecosystem, all while consuming less energy. By utilizing virtualization, data can be spread across drives or put onto a cloud platform, eliminating the need for all that flabby spare capacity. And modular hardware makes upgrades a snap – literally. Just plug it in and you are ready to go with an ease of management you don’t find in conventional data center systems.

It’s a great time to cut the excess from your data center and lift that sagging ROI. GDS2 will first perform assessments for Performance and Storage, looking at present and future capacity. Then we work with you plan the best solutions for now and for expansion. We’re sure we’ll find something to fit your taste.

Network Optimization and Management SolutionsThere’s a lot of territory for your network to cover in today’s global economy. But how fast can it run before it starts huffing and puffing? Your enterprise might be in marathon shape, but unless your network is leading the pack you’ll quickly be in the dust.

Stretching your bandwidth doesn’t have to break the bank. A costly network overhaul can easily be avoided with targeted WAN Optimization. Optimization lightens your network’s load by reducing redundant data, eliminating the hurdles of latency and congestion, and preventing the setback of dropped packets. And Palo Alto’s firewall solutions can keep your systems at the peak of health with cutting edge security features targeting dangerous application -level threats.

GDS2’s personalized assessments on your specific needs will get your network running in prime form. We’ll even pair you with the perfect router and switch system. Just a few laps on the treadmill and you’ll be outpacing the competition in no time.

Virtualization TechnologiesDreaming of a world without IT complexity? Without wasted storage, frazzled server administrators, backup headaches and data loss nightmares? Wake up and smell the coffee – virtualization technology is your dream come true.

Virtualization is the creation of a virtual version of nearly any IT resource – the digital sky is the limit: servers, storage devices, networks, even the desktop operating system itself. Out of many storage devices – one efficient unit, free of redundant space. Out of one physical server – many dedicated servers, ready for deployment. More desktops than you can shake a virtual stick at, centralized for easy back up, maintenance and monitoring. Sounds like magic, doesn’t it? Admittedly, it doesn’t make gold from lead – but it might as well.

It’s time you got introduced to the power of virtualization. Why waste resources on managing a many-headed IT hydra? And no one can guide you through this new virtual reality better than our experts at GDS2. Our very real virtualization expertise will keep your business in the business of innovating, not attempting in vain to prune back that budget-devouring monster.

DC ManagementYou deserve a vacation every once in a while. Wouldn’t it be great to find someone to take care of your IT ecosystem, especially when things start going wrong? We won’t watch your kids for you, but GDS2 is ready to step in the moment your data center starts throwing a temper tantrum.

Adjustment is tough – disruption even tougher. GDS2’s managed services give you the expertise needed to guide your enterprise through uncharted technologies and malfunctions. Wave goodbye to the twenty hours it takes to transition a machine to Windows 10 or the hassle of Active Directory migration. Better still, wave goodbye to all that costly server management entirely with secure collocation services. With our help, you can focus on those big goals on the horizon – not the details that trip up the journey.

So kick back and enjoy the ride – your systems are in good hands. And when we’re done with them, they’ll be as well behaved as ever.