Storage Virtualization

Storage VirtualizationStorage isn’t any cheaper if it remains unused. And ‘more’ is very rarely better when it comes to the complexity of your storage environments on your network. But storage capacity needs to grow with the growth of your business, and growing capacity usually means growing complexity. Virtualization solves this conundrum for your expanding business by taking those proliferating storage environments and virtualizing them into what appears to be one single storage device. This centralized storage can be accessed from one central console through a Storage Area Network (SAN) that shares data and storage across your entire enterprise system.

Thanks to the centralization of storage through virtualization, storage can be utilized in the most efficient way possible, reducing the need to buy new storage devices as others reach capacity. New devices that are added can also be incorporated in a snap – virtualization allows for flexible scalability capable of handling devices from multiple vendors. The reduction and centralization of devices, of course, also means a reduction of peripheral costs – space use, cooling costs, power consumption, and the use of IT resources to manage and back up data.

GDS2 draws on some of the most cutting edge technologies for delivering clients highly customized storage virtualization solutions. Get in touch with us to learn more – and wave goodbye to waste and complexity.