Server Virtualization

Server VirtualizationChances are your server could be operating much more efficiently – a typical server operates at only 5 to 15 percent of capacity. The considerable costs of such a large amount of unused capacity can be easily reduced by virtualizing your server, which can increase utilization to up to 80 percent of capacity.

Server virtualization partitions a physical server into smaller virtual servers that are accessed by the user. Depending on the type of server virtualization, these individual virtual servers can run with completely different operating systems, and can mask the number and type of physical servers behind the virtual servers. Virtualized servers thus have the great advantage of being tailored to individual users without requiring entirely new server architecture. And the resources used by the individual users can be carefully chosen, cutting down on the inefficiencies of traditional physical server utilization. All this enables fewer, more powerful server systems that can do exactly what you need them to do for the number of users you need them to do it for. Server virtualization can half your hardware and operating costs, reducing energy costs by as much as 80% by using fewer physical servers, reduce new server provisioning time by 70% and save $3,000+ per year for every server virtualized.

GDS2’s expert team has had extensive experience with virtualization solutions, and can pick the exact solution you need for increased server system efficiency in collaboration with your management and IT staff.