Desktop Virtualization

Desktop VirtualizationImagine being able to use the processing power of your system’s server anywhere you want. Desktop virtualization makes it possible to run the most resource heavy applications on a laptop or even a smartphone. Using a centralized virtual host on a remote server, local users can tap into the remote software and hardware of the host to perform all the services they need without exceeding out their own computer’s limited resources.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) creates what is called a virtual machine (VM) or virtual desktop that can be accessed by any user from anywhere on the network, allowing for multiple users to access the same desktop at the same time without conflict. The virtual desktops can be centrally monitored, managed, backed up and restored, providing a great deal of security for user data which is otherwise spread out across many individual systems, vulnerable to loss. Power and flexibility are clear advantages for desktop virtualization – but nothing beats the reduction of major IT headaches like data loss and security holes.

Picking the right kind of virtualization for your company does not require standardized platforms, devices or hardware. There are, however, different desktop virtualization solutions depending on what you want to get out of it. GDS2 can assist you in picking the best desktop virtualization solution for the needs of your business.