SilverpeakThere is always the danger in a Wide Area Network (WAN) of spreading yourself thin. Speeds decrease with the increased demands on your bandwidth, data loss causes problems with dropped packets and WAN latency delays can range from the annoying to the debilitating. Silverpeak offers an alternative to bank-breaking overhauls to your existing basic WAN system by providing a host of targeted WAN acceleration services focused on the three major WAN limitations – bandwidth, packet dropping and latency – and thereby keeping your network running at its fullest potential.

Silverpeak’s bandwidth optimizing solution, Network Memory, takes aim at redundant data flows in your WAN traffic and eliminates them to cut out the large data flow on a WAN consisting of such duplicate data in order to increase available bandwidth. Network Memory uses ‘fingerprints’ of data already stored on the local system to determine whether the received packets are redundant or not, and sends a start-stop order to manage the delivery or non-delivery of the data.

When bandwidth optimization is not enough due to dropped packets and other errors, Silverpeak will look at the congestion on your WAN and determine why packets are being dropped at such high rates. With various corrective solutions utilized within the packet data stream itself – Forward Error Correction (FEC), which uses error-recovery packets to recover corrupted data, and Packet Order Correction (POC), which reorders packets on the fly mid-transmission to ensure proper packet organization and ordering – Silverpeak’s solutions enable easy and automatic elimination of disruptive packet dropping problems.

Silverpeak’s latency reduction solutions dramatically reduce the travel time across a network, with the potential to cut overseas transmission times from hours to minutes, using methods that cut down on the congestion within the network.

Keep your enterprise growing and expanding wherever you need it to without the disruptions of an inefficient WAN – GDS2 can outfit you with an effective Silverpeak solution.