Dell PowerEdge

Dell PowerEdgeCleaner and greener also means cheaper. And Dell’s PowerEdge M-Series has all the performance power you need in a blade server solution with none of the waste. Applying Dell’s Energy Smart standards, the M-Series provides highly efficient power supplies while eliminating excessive fan cooling, using only what is needed. When 50% of all server center energy is used in cooling, according to the EPA, Dell’s smarter energy standards equates to a better bottom line, and Dell’s blades are among the most power efficient x86 servers in the industry, using 19% less power than leading competitors at up to 25% better performance/watt. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Like all blade servers, Dell’s PowerEdge offers a self-contained (‘blade’) server that fits into a blade enclosure providing power, cooling, connectivity and management. While your typical blade can be interchanged, no other blade enclosure offers the snap-in scalability of Dell’s PowerEdge M1000e enclosure – making upgrades as painless as possible. And with Dell’s FlexIO technology, scalability extends to I/O consumption, with unique scale on-demand switch designs capable of handling over 5Tbps total I/O bandwidth without the need to “rip and replace” old blades or I/O cards.

Add to that the simplicity of Dell’s server management solutions and Dell’s PowerEdge series offers one of the most powerful, yet simple, server solutions available for enterprise and smaller businesses alike.