Dell Compellent

Dell Compellant Scalability is simplicity in your enterprise data system. As your business grows, so does your need for data storage. Dell Compellent makes it possible to introduce new technologies and hardware -- disk drives, controllers, and enclosures – into a single existing box, where your data can be managed in one location (the ‘Storage Center’) regardless of the type or number of drives.

Compellent’s “Fluid Data” solution allows old and new hardware to work side-by-side through virtualization technology, eliminating the need to ‘rip-and-replace’ old technology, thereby saving costs while keeping your growth potential unrestricted. And, best of all, it eliminates the clunky complexity of traditional IT data centers, reducing the costs of management and upgrades.

Data management itself can become simpler and cheaper, thanks to the possibilities opened up by Fluid Data and modular storage solutions. Compellent’s Thin Provisioning technology, for example, allows you to finally cut the cost of all the unused data space that inevitably accompanies the use of traditional storage solutions, while guaranteeing that the space is there if you need it and allowing for on-the-fly online virtual volume expansion that prevents any risk of downtime or delays. Your need for capacity can be reduced by up to 40% by transitioning to a Compellent Storage Center.

As the number one leading reseller of Dell Compellent products, GDS2 has a history of expertise in matching clients with Compellent’s scalable data solutions. Compellent will simplify your system – we will simplify your path to getting there.