Enterprise Systems and Storage

Enterprise Systems and StorageChances are, your data center isn’t getting any leaner, and how could it? Sure, lower costs and simpler systems sound great, but your business needs to grow – and with growth comes growing pains, right?

Not anymore. With new hyper-converged virtualized compute/storage technology, you can have your cake and keep that slim, youthful figure, too. Imagine having the flexibility to scale across any size of IT ecosystem, all while consuming less energy. By utilizing virtualization, data can be spread across drives or put onto a cloud platform, eliminating the need for all that flabby spare capacity. And modular hardware makes upgrades a snap – literally. Just plug it in and you are ready to go with an ease of management you don’t find in conventional data center systems.

It’s a great time to cut the excess from your data center and lift that sagging ROI. GDS2 will first perform assessments for Performance and Storage, looking at present and future capacity. Then we work with you plan the best solutions for now and for expansion. We’re sure we’ll find something to fit your taste.

Get out of the infrastructure maintenance business and focus on your primary objective—your business.

From factory-built, pre-validated systems for mission-critical applications and mixed workloads, to hyper-converged appliances, Dell EMC's Converged Infrastructure portfolio provides an unmatched selection of solutions to take your IT team to the next level and bring products to market faster.

Don’t get locked in to a platform that won't grow to meet your future performance and capacity needs. Only Tegile gives you a single storage system that supports both all flash and hybrid configurations. Scale up economically by adding flash and disk as your needs change over time.

The Always-On Enterprise™, is enabled by Veeam Availability Platform delivering the next generation of Availability providing businesses and enterprises of all sizes with the means to ensure Availability for virtual, physical, and cloud-based workloads.

Scalability is simplicity in your enterprise data system. As your business grows, so does your need for data storage. Dell Compellent makes it possible to introduce new technologies and hardware -- disk drives, controllers, and enclosures – into a single existing box, where your data can be managed in one location (the ‘Storage Center’) regardless of the type or number of drives.

Compellent’s “Fluid Data” solution allows old and new hardware to work side-by-side through virtualization technology, eliminating the need to ‘rip-and-replace’ old technology, thereby saving costs while keeping your growth potential unrestricted. And, best of all, it eliminates the clunky complexity of traditional IT data centers, reducing the costs of management and upgrades.

Cleaner and greener also means cheaper. And Dell’s PowerEdge M-Series has all the performance power you need in a blade server solution with none of the waste. Applying Dell’s Energy Smart standards, the M-Series provides highly efficient power supplies while eliminating excessive fan cooling, using only what is needed. When 50% of all server center energy is used in cooling, according to the EPA, Dell’s smarter energy standards equates to a better bottom line, and Dell’s blades are among the most power efficient x86 servers in the industry, using 19% less power than leading competitors at up to 25% better performance/watt. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.