Nobody likes IT sprawl. There’s nothing exciting about having to manage endlessly complex IT environments with their diverse systems and somehow keep them all on the same page with patches, configurations, assets and security. But it is unavoidable as your business expands, isn’t it? Not anymore – with ZENworks, a full-service endpoint management solution, all your IT management needs can be taken care of on a single, comprehensive console.

ZENworks provides the integration that other endpoint management solutions fall short of, all while supplying everything your system needs. ZENworks 11 gives you the power to control your whole endpoint management fleet from a single web-based console and agent capable of managing Windows and Linux systems alike. What’s more, ZENworks packs four powerful products into this one supreme management helm:

ZENworks Configuration Management provisions users with the resources, software and configurations they need so IT doesn’t have to. For major software upgrades like migration to Windows 7, ZENworks completely automates the process, eliminating the average 20 hours it takes to migrate a single machine. In firms that have disburdened IT of these draining tasks, IT productivity rose by an average of 45 percent.

ZENworks Asset Management keeps you informed about your hardware and software needs. With comprehensive reports on licensing, installation and usage data, you can cut down on over- and under-purchasing of software – giving you the bargaining power with vendors – while ensuring your license compliance with more than 65,000 products.

ZENworks Endpoint Security Management takes the risk out of sensitive information stored on your users’ mobile devices. With security breaches on the rise and the average cost of incident in the millions of dollars, it is ever more important to secure laptops, smart phones, Mp3 players and other devices that can easily be lost or stolen. ZENworks Endpoint Security Management provides powerful firewall protection, secures your USB devices effectively, manages data encryption policies easily, and enables identity-based security for mobile devices.

ZENworks Patch Management automates the patching process, giving you up-to-the-minute patch protection with 13 times the speed of manual patching, while also offering comprehensive administrative reports to see the status of patches on all your systems. No need to choose between security and lower overhead costs – ZENworks Patch Management does all of this without burdening your IT department.

Take control of sprawling IT complexity with ZENworks’ comprehensive endpoint management solution. Our specialists at GDS2 will help you take the first step to simplicity.