NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator

NetIQ Directory and Resource AdministratorOh, the perils of granting access. You want users to get what they need from Active Directory. But you’re often stuck with an unpleasant choice: dedicate valuable IT personnel to performing routine administrative tasks, or grant full access rights and compromise the security and integrity of your directories. 

Lucky for you, there’s a third option. NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator gives you control over Active Directory access restrictions, allowing you as much customization as you need to keep administration running smoothly without bogging down your skilled staff. 

Control, customization and compliance. All in one powerful solution offering:

  • Full customization based on user role, eliminating improper access to critical data
  • Audit logs on data access and administrative activity to ensure compliance
  • Self-administration tools for ordinary users to change passwords and update information
  • More than 60 roles, 300 powers and customizable delegation

No need to strike a tightrope balance between access, IT resources and security. NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator brings you the control you need to make Active Directory administration a walk in the park.