Dell KACEOne little box can save you a lot of time. Dell KACE is an appliance-based systems management tool deployable in one single self-maintaining unit, free of the hassle of software systems management requiring complex installation and continuous maintenance of separate systems.

KACE appliances handle all levels of systems management so you – or new employees – don’t have to. Following automatic discovery of devices and an inventory of hardware and software, there is no limit to the control KACE can have over your systems. Automatic patching and software distribution will eliminate out-of-step systems and time-consuming updates. Comprehensive asset management gives you control over your hardware and software—while power management can help you keep your power and heat footprint leaner and greener. And with KACE’s Agent Messaging Protocol, an advanced communication protocol, KACE appliances can scale to up to 20,000 systems. This includes remote offices, where KACE’s remote replication service can easily and quickly execute management actions with built-in methods to reduce network impact.

KACE could be your wisest new hire. And its unique ability to simplify enterprise IT management while taking your systems to new heights is matched by its rapid learning curve: in as little as one day, you can have your KACE appliance up and running on your systems, with upgrades possible in mere minutes. Get to know this whiz kid a little better with the help of GDS2.