Data Center Power and Power Backup

Data Center PowerGive your data center the power it needs to grow. When a reliable power source is the main insurance against data loss and server downtime, a business can’t afford not to think about maximizing the quality of their power infrastructure. GDS2, in concert with APC Schneider, will help you analyze your data center power distribution and standby capacity, discovering problems, inefficiencies, or worn out components that could cause you problems in the future if not addressed. The best medicine is prevention, and there is nowhere this pays off more than in ensuring the stability of your power resources – and the security of your valuable data.

Following a survey of your data center power systems, GDS2 and APC will recommend alternatives, upgrades and solutions for your power needs. These upgrades can be planned and implemented by our team, getting your new power system up and running as quickly as possible – so your data center can stay up and running.

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