DC Management and Services

DC ManagementYou deserve a vacation every once in a while. Wouldn’t it be great to find someone to take care of your IT ecosystem, especially when things start going wrong? We won’t watch your kids for you, but GDS2 is ready to step in the moment your data center starts throwing a temper tantrum.

Adjustment is tough – disruption even tougher. GDS2’s managed services give you the expertise needed to guide your enterprise through uncharted technologies and malfunctions. Wave goodbye to the twenty hours it takes to transition a machine to Windows 10 or the hassle of Active Directory migration. Better still, wave goodbye to all that costly server management entirely with secure collocation services. With our help, you can focus on those big goals on the horizon – not the details that trip up the journey.

So kick back and enjoy the ride – your systems are in good hands. And when we’re done with them, they’ll be as well behaved as ever.

Finding your IT team overstretched? Need expert support on a new, unfamiliar resource you have introduced into your enterprise? Let GDS2 shoulder some of your IT burden with our managed services of your enterprise resources and user accounts. By taking care of the tricky details for you, your hands will be freed to handle bigger strategic projects that look towards your enterprise’s future success and growth.

Thinking of making the switch to Microsoft Active Directory to streamline the user experience on your network? GDS2 provides the services you need to make the migration as seamless as possible, regardless of the other directory type you are migrating from – eDirectory, SunOne, or any of the other popular directory environments. The migration process will preserve all the user accounts along with the rights and data that are associated with them while starting you out with a clean and streamlined directory structure. The migration service will be fully tested by our team and completely ready to use upon delivery.

Imagine all you can get done with a free twenty hours. This is the amount of time Microsoft estimates it takes to migrate a single machine to Windows 10. Fortunately, this sinkhole no longer needs to overtax your IT department nor disrupt your user productivity with Novell ZENworks’ Windows 10 migration services. With almost no input necessary on the part of your IT team, Novell’s ZENworks will guide the transition through all the necessary stages – Assess, Optimize, Migrate, Patch and Maintain.

Give your data center the power it needs to grow. When a reliable power source is the main insurance against data loss and server downtime, a business can’t afford not to think about maximizing the quality of their power infrastructure. GDS2, in concert with APC Schneider, will help you analyze your data center power distribution and standby capacity, discovering problems, inefficiencies, or worn out components that could cause you problems in the future if not addressed. The best medicine is prevention, and there is nowhere this pays off more than in ensuring the stability of your power resources – and the security of your valuable data.