Fusion Cloud Services

Fusion Cloud ServicesThere’s a lot more than silver linings to these clouds. Cloud services can reduce costs dramatically by delivering essential applications, computer resources, storage, security and I.T. functions over the web. Often these services have little to no upfront cost associated with them, and many cloud services allow you to pay for only what you use, cutting down on unnecessary resources while still guaranteeing you all the capacity you might need.

Arrow Fusion Cloud services bring the power of the cloud to the services most essential to your enterprise, and include the following services:

Remote Monitoring and Management / IT as a Service (ITaaS) provides reporting on and managing of performance in the data center so you can see where your resources are going and where you pare down unnecessary costs in your networks, applications, servers and databases.

Security and Software as a Service (SaaS) keeps your email and web systems secure from external threats while providing disaster recovery options when something does go wrong using message archiving and back-up. Enterprise Content Management with hosted email, document management and business productivity gives you the tools for flexible collaboration and seamless application integration, including the WebSpace ECM Platform solution for content management capable of delivering services to as many users as you need, be it 10 or 10,000.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) reduces the need for costly capital purchases by providing the computing power and storage your enterprise requires. With whatever server set up you require – virtual, managed or fully-dedicated – you have the power to shape your solution and pay only for what you use. And when the services are managed for you, you will also be cutting down on unnecessary IT costs. Public Cloud services give you the on-demand infrastructure you need as you need it while guaranteeing you expertise, security and the availability of your data.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services ensure that your data will not be lost in case of a disaster with a range of offsite data backup solutions guaranteeing you mirror image of your data environment ready for restoration, just in case.

If you find yourself wasting resources on infrastructure that you could just as easily access on a pay-per basis through the cloud, try exploring our many options for Fusion Cloud Services – we’d be glad to suit you up with the right one.