Core Products


GDS2 started life with a specialty in network storage or SAN technology. As founder, my background came from the storage industry going back to mainframe DASD in the 1980’s and AS400 storage in the early 90’s. In the late 90’s I became involved with removable media based storage such as optical disk subsystems, CD systems and tape libraries. GDS2 was founded shortly before Compellent launched their SAN. As a result of my previous relationships with the founders, we were able to become their first partner west of the Mississippi River.

Our storage business has led us and our customers to understand the need for network optimization. Regulatory compliance has created an explosion of stored data, both affecting the SAN and the networks they reside on. Data can no longer stay stationary if it is to be kept safe and be accessed where needed. Our Vice President of Sales, Russ Reeder, at the onset of the WAN optimization technology successfully implemented solutions at such organizations as Boeing and the UC campuses. Our early industry knowledge gives us a unique advantage in today’s market. This is why we are so pleased to be offering Silver Peak Technologies which far surpasses what we could previously offer with other solutions.

Compellent’s advanced storage virtualization technology led us to be an early adopter of VMWare and Plate Spin. As virtualization has proliferated throughout the datacenter and our business, we saw the opportunity to merge our core strengths to become a premier VDI solutions provider.

When all is said and done, our core expertise is centered on the needs of the modern datacenter. I have spent my career serving datacenters and so have all of our senior managers in sales and engineering.

It is our intent, to associate with quality partners and deliver value. We do this in the datacenter better than any other VAR you might select.

Randy Miller